Autumn Online Dance Course- Live and Recorded Sessions


Do you enjoy keeping fit and love Irish music, culture, and heritage?

Join Emma’s students from around the world and start your journey into the world of Connemara Sean Nós dance today! Learn Irish history, culture, and traditions through this beautiful art form!

Thursdays 7pm (Irish time) from September 22nd 2022
12 weeks course, class duration: 1 hr 






Old Style Irish Dance for Beginners

Make new friends, keep fit and have fun while learning the fundamentals of Old-Style Irish dance.

Weekly classes will help you deepen your foundational understanding of sean nós dance by studying its history, technique, and core movements.For absolute beginners, this 12 week course provides an opportunity to fall in love with sean nós dance in a fun and supportive enviroment. I  hope to dance with you soon!

  • Starts Thursday September 22nd 2022
  • Skill level- complete beginners (also suitable for intermediate dancers looking to review the basics)
  • You will receive an invite to Zoom class meeting upon payment transfer.
  • Class participants can join live each week or watch on playback via the members area on Emma’s website.
  • Private online workshops available for individuals and groups.  Enquiries to


  1. Maureen Foye, Maine, USA

    Emma’s Sean Nos dance classes via Zoom are one of the high points of my week! It’s like taking a trip to Ireland every week for a little while. I love how Emma teaches the steps. She really breaks down the steps so beginners can learn and she drills the steps over and over again. By the end of class, I feel confident I can practice till the next class. I love how she builds on the steps week to week. Emma’s passion for Sean Nos dancing and teaching shines through in every class. Emma makes every class so much fun as she shares stories about life in Connemara. Her enthusiasm for her students is wonderful. She answers any questions we have. Thank you Emma for offering these amazing classes.

  2. Nora Ní Fhlannagáin, Galway, Ireland

    Emma’s zoom classes are excellent. She moves through the steps in a really slow and logical manner so the beginner classes are suitable for absolutely anyone. In my class I’d estimated there’s age 9 -75 years! It’s really lovely to have the class to look forward to every week. There’s a bit of chat before and after classes, and some banter in the WhatsApp group as well so you feel part of a community of learners. Being able to access the classes online is a great silver lining to a pandemic. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

  3. Ria

    Emma is an amazing teacher!Very talented!I searched for years to find someone that he/she could teach this beautiful form of art but I couldn’t find anyone.I am lucky that I found her classes!She cares about her students and she makes me think that she does these classes because she just want to share her passion and her knowledge with others,not as a job.If someone wants to learn this type of dance I think Emma is the more suitable(I have tried a lot of different teachers and I wasn’t satisfied.)

  4. Christian Smith, Kassel, Germany

    I love Sean Nós dancing and brush dancing and always admired Emma’s videos on YouTube. I’ve been to Galway 3 times and I’ve always looked out to see if I spot them. Unfortunately, she was never there at the same time as me. And now I have them in my living room once a week. When I read that she is giving online classes, I didn’t think and book for long. I’m already an older year and can’t remember a lot of things so well and that’s why I’m totally happy with her course, because she teaches it very structured and patiently. Every week the dance is repeated and then a bit expanded. She shows and explains everything in great detail, she is a great teacher and I hope there will be more online classes from her even after Corona. I highly recommend Emma… so kind, so patient, so loving, so natural……… Emma you are the sweetest teacher I have ever had.

  5. Marcel Lim, Colorado, USA

    Emma is such an amazing person. Her passion for Sean-nós Dance shows in the way she teaches her class. No matter the age or experience, each student is made to feel so welcome during class. She goes through each step carefully and explains why steps are the way they are. It provides such a great experience learning the culture behind Sean-nós dance while learning the steps.I am looking forward to the day when we can all dance together in person.

  6. Debbie Smith, Boston, USA

    Emma is a great teacher. For beginners, she moves through the steps slowly so that everyone can get them. She is also using dance specific music that lists the BPM for each song which allows the dancers to choose an appropriate speed for practice.

  7. Emma Devereux

    Emma is a fantastic teacher, she makes you feel like you are picking it up so easily. She is joyful, and weaves history and culture into the lessons.

  8. Nanci Brammer, Oregon Coast (verified owner)

    Emma’s classes are priceless! I enjoy the Connemara style steps that have my happy feet dancing to Irish tunes. She encourages you, as she weaves through different elements to personalize your own style. Her classes have been therapy for me as I learn the percussive art of old style Irish dance.

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