captivating connemara

Dance Retreats in Captivating Connemara

For dance enthusiasts of all abilities who are eager to delve deeper into tradition, make special memories, expand their abilities, and dance with new friends

Enjoy daily sessions with Emma and other masters of the tradition. Learn new steps and gain insight into the local dance traditions and culture. Take the opportunity to dance at the local music gatherings. Stay in award winning accommodation with the finest of local food and service. Enjoy a warm welcome from friendly locals, you’ll never want to leave.

Get off the beaten track in Connemara, where the scenery, music, song and dance merge as one. Join guided hikes and unlock the rich history of the landscape, experience life on a Connemara farm or take a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

This is your chance to touch this living tradition and immerse yourself in the unique culture and heritage of Connemara, buzzing with the spirit of great artists both past and present. Learn, get inspired become a part of the local culture.

An unforgettable experience of Irish dance and culture is guaranteed!

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